11 Apr 2017

Kickstarter Success

On February 7th, 2017. We released our kickstarter, looking for money to help us produce the Mearm Pi, a version of the Mearm that ran using the Raspberry Pi. In less than twenty four hours, we hadn’t only reached our goal, but we’d surpassed it. None of us here were expecting that, and then the ride continued.

Blogs and News Sites picked us up, our little Robot Arm got into Forbes and The Verge. Our friends at Pimoroni did a show just for the Mearm Pi on the Bilge Tank. We were even featured on the Raspberry Pi website!

We went to the Raspberry Pi Birthday Party, spent a weekend there showing off three of our prototypes. It was fantastic to see the reactions of kids, big and small, getting their hands on the joystick controls, drawing and even managing the fabled crayon transfer!

Pi Party Mearms

On March 8th 2017, 852 of you gave us £56,376 to support the production of the Mearm Pi, 563% of what we initially asked for. We continue to be blown away by the support and good vibes you’ve been sending in our direction on twitter and kickstarter itself.

“So you’ve been pretty successful! Good job! What now?”

The past few weeks since the kickstarter ended has been pretty hectic, we’ve been putting the finishing touches onto the Mearm Pi. The polish before we go into production and then, very soon, we’ll be full steam ahead.

“But what if we missed your kickstarter and still want to get one as soon as possible?”

Good news hypothetical person asking these questions! (Where did you come from by the way?) We’re now on indiegogo accepting orders from there. To do so, just go to our page and order one.