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Build-it-yourself robotics kits that inspire without words.

Create an amazing robot, learn about science, technology, engineering, maths and programming.

Educational technology is tricky to get right. Mirobot is smart in all sorts of subtle ways – I’m tremendously impressed with the thought and care that continues to go into it.

Jonathan Sanderson - Think Physics, Northumbria University

MeArm was a great hit and thank you! Two of my students are now considering engineering as a future which was not on their radar before this.

Robert C Robinson - Technology Teacher, Kelowna Christian School

Students love the Mirobots they build - getting direct feedback from programming shapes is very engaging, particularly for the tactile and kinaesthetic learners.

Arjen Lentz - Chief Explorer, OpenSTEM Pty Ltd

The Mirobot is a fantastic tool to bring robot design and construction right into the classroom. The online building instructions were incredibly helpful and the straight forward programming language, used through iPads, allowed the children to operate the robots. It’s great to see ‘awe and wonder’ back in the classroom.

Ian Chandler - Year 6 Teacher, Hollybush Primary School

I am a grown man who built a robot arm in his office and I was giddy as heck while making this. I don’t have kids, but I’d bet money our son would love this.

Eric Ravenscraft - Senior Writer, Lifehacker

Mirobot has made it possible for Maths With Robots to provide experiential learning for Shape and Space, Pythagoras Theorem and Trigonometry and lots more.

Garry Redrup - Maths Educator, Maths With Robots
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