07 Feb 2017

Launching the MeArm Pi on Kickstarter

It’s a big day for all of us at Mime; the launch of our first new product - the MeArm Pi. We’re back on Kickstarter (where else) so head over there and back us if you already haven’t!

MeArm Pi

The MeArm Pi Kit is a build-it-yourself robot arm that’s controlled by your Raspberry Pi. It includes a standard Pi HAT which attaches to your Raspberry Pi and has a couple of on-board joysticks to control it. Because it’s connected to the Pi you can program it through any of the various programming languages that already run on the Pi. There’s also free software available which lets you program it through a web interface using drag and drop programming environments like Scratch and Blockly or with Python and Javascript for the more experienced.

It’s been some time in development and we’re proud to unleash it on the public now.

If you’re looking for a press release or any other promotional material, head over here