17 Nov 2016

Raspberry Pi Robot Arm Scoops 1st Prize!

The latest prototype for the MeArm Raspberry Pi addition has won 1st Prize on the Hackaday Enlightened Pi contest. We started documenting our latest creation with the lovely people over at Hackaday.io as was a form of open development for our first big project at Mime Industries - making the MeArm Robot arm and Raspberry Pi perfect parners.

Enlightend Pi at Hackaday.io

The New Design during the creative process

Judges said that “This robot arm project is very polished, consisting of both the mechanical design and software. The step-by-step construction instructions are clear and easy to follow. The mechanical design is well though out, with pieces that snap together nicely.”

Here’s some of the detail of the new arm and Raspberry Pi hat.

New Head and Gripper Raspberry Pi Hat Base Board PCB

It’s great to have this sort of recognition so early in our process, the next couple of months will consist of more finessing of the design and the sending out of some samples for feedback from a select few Raspberry Pi and technology enthusiasts.

We’re hoping to launch a Kickstarter for the new Raspberry Pi MeArm in late January. If you have any feedback on the project please let us know!